Welcome to Café Savoy

Welcome to the 18th century!

For the first time fancy girls looked after the well-being of the mainly male guests in the “Café Wienzeile”, as it was named before. The B-girls disappeared, the old name gave way to a new one - only the men, those ones stayed. The house was built at the end of the 18th century by a teachable pupil of the gay architect v. Siccardsburg (Viennese opera). Maybe that’s the reason why the café Savoy is nationally and internationally a figurehead for the Viennese gay scene.

You just feel good at architecture, which originates from your own kind. In 2008/2009 it was renovated with much love of detail. Thereby special value was set on leaveing everything, if possible, in the original state. What catches your eye first entering the café, are the two enormous mirrors. Beside the mirrors in the Castle of Versailles, those are the largest mirrors of Europe made of a single piece. People ask themselves, which scenes took already place in front of those eye candies…

The paintings at the ceiling and walls are quite impressive. You feel the old energies in each corner and the gentle light dips everything into a golden glow. Everything is ancient, gorgeous and in a first-class, contemporary condition: the porch copied true to original, the huge windows with insulation glass, the lighting, statues etc. It is quite comfortable to relax and calm down with a Wiener Melange on the fine furniture sets covered by leather.

Because where the time is already that old, also the life flows more slowly